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Types of child care, all are required to be registered/licensed unless otherwise specified.

  • Family Child Care Homes offer a home-like atmosphere with a ratio of one caregiver to a maximum of six children including the provider’s own under the age of six.
  • Group Child Care Homes are settings where two adults provide care for a maximum of 12 children including the provider’s own under the age of six. Care is often provided in a private home.
  • Child Care Centers care for 13 or more children with hours that normally coincide with regular working hours.
  • Preschools are part-day programs and are not regulated in Montana.
  • Drop-in Child Cares are not regulated by Montana because the care provided is usually irregular and for shorter periods of time.

1.  Complete the Child Care Needs Form which will be processed within 2 business days.

  • Complete information helps match providers that meet your needs.
  • Information about employment, child care assistance, and demographics is for statistical purposes.
  • Children’s birthdays are required for regulations on adult to child ratios.

2.  Create an online account for immediate access to provider information 24 hours/day. For technical difficulties/questions contact a referral specialist at your local CCR&R.

3. Call Family Connections at 406.761.6010 or 800.696.4503 to complete the information over the phone with a referral specialist. 

How long will it be before I get the list of child care providers? Referral requests for immediate care (within two weeks) are processed within two working days.
What are your business hours? Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. If you need to meet at another time call 761.6010 or 800.696.4503 to make an appointment.
What should I consider when choosing a child care provider? The Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care has information to help your search. Contact your local licensor, search for complaints/licensing deficiencies, or make a complaint about a provider.